Tickled Pink Or Red Faced About Shower Invitations

Discussion in 'Planning your Wedding' started by Madison12, Mar 14, 2014.

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    Mar 10, 2014
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    I volunteered to plan the bridal shower, and regretted it the minute the words were out of my mouth. My family always accuses me of being tacky and obnoxious in my choices of birthday and announcement cards. I like cards that are a little sexy, funny, edgy, and usually let my tastes interfere with what other people like.

    I was about to make another big mistake. I picked some very funny shower cards, at least I thought they were funny, until I showed them to the bride's sister. Her face went white. She stammered about how embarrassed her sister would be by those cards, and suddenly my face was bright red in embarrassment. I did it again.

    We still had a couple weeks before the invitations had to be in the mail, so I asked her to sit down with me to find some different cards, I jokingly said something about tickling her sister pink instead of making her face red. She took my comment as a suggestion and we ended up on the page of Tickled Pink Invitations.

    Instantly, both of us spotted the same card on the first line of bridal shower invitations that we liked. It was just sexy enough to make me really happy, and just conservative enough to not embarrass her to death. Her sister commented she would just turn bright pink about the picture of a bride in a mini-skirt wedding gown, instead of the beet red from cards I had selected before. Yes, they were that naughty.

    The rest of the shower planning went fine. I was tempted to hire that male dancer, but thought that might be a little too much, but you cannot blame a girl for trying. Maybe we can do that for the bachellorette party.
    Madison12, Mar 14, 2014
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