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Discussion in 'Wedding Fashion' started by Eh88, Oct 18, 2016.

  1. Eh88


    Oct 18, 2016
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    Hi All,

    I just wanted to advise you all about my experience with Smooch Rings - DO NOT USE THEM!!

    I had a lady come round my house and I choose a ring I liked that need customisation to match my engagement ring. I was told that I would need to give my engagement ring then and there to the lady and she would send it to their head office. I was instantly not comfortable with this so said that I would arrange another time to provide her with my engagement ring. She took a third depot (£300) and left.

    In the time after placing my order, I contact Smooch as I was very nervous and not happy at all with giving them my engagement ring and tried to organise alternative means of getting my ring to them, including me driving to their office some 1.5 hours away to drop it off, to be told that they would get someone to meet me round the corner! Again I was not happy with this as this person on a street corner could have been anyone!

    I then asked if they could just use the measurements of my engagement ring to make my wedding ring, and they declined.

    I have tried to ask for my deposit back and I have argued my points for asking for this refund and the owners have been argumentative and have told me I have "no foundation to cancel the order" and have not listened to anything I have said. I have stressed my concerns and their unwillingness to understand has lead me to loose my deposit!

    Sorry for the essay, but I hope this helps out Brides!!

    Thanks xx
    Eh88, Oct 18, 2016
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  2. Eh88

    Becky Administrator

    Apr 27, 2010
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    Really sorry to hear you've had this experience :( Have you thought about using the small claims court?
    Becky, Oct 20, 2016
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  3. Eh88


    Nov 2, 2016
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    Hi Eh88, we are really sorry to hear of your problem with Smooch; yactually you have got a foundation to cancel the order so our advice would be to contact Trading Standards and Citizen's advice.

    To other forum users; we echo exactly what Eh88 stated and would strongly advise that noone use this company. We have had an awful experience that has only just been resolved when the threat of going to small claims became a reality for the company. see below for more details:

    It's interesting that all reviews on the Smooch Scotland Facebook page are from customers who have yet to receive their rings therefore have not had the displeasure of dealing with this company in the face of disappointment.

    We were enamoured with the idea of Smooch and found Ali charming and engaging. Unfortunately our entire experience has been nothing short of abysmal.

    Ali arrived with a selection of rings; fairly bland with nothing outstanding or exceptional. We had seen a ring on the website that seemed exactly what we wanted; defined, classy and unusual. Ali did not have a sample of this ring but assured us that there would be another rep who would have it. She would; or so she stated, endeavour to have the sample sent to us if we placed our order and paid our deposit. Wanting a hassle free experience we agreed on the promise that if the sample arrived and we did not like it our deposit would be refunded without question.

    After several text exchanges it was discovered that there was no sample available. Much to our delight It was agreed to have a sample made. We eagerly awaited the arrival of aforementioned sample excited about the prospect of seeing our future wedding ring. To say we were disappointed was an understatement. The ring was as bland as the selection brought to our house; it lacked definition and was not at all what we were expecting. In the absence of Ali, and as instructed, we immediately sent an e-mail to the company requesting our promised refund back. Our experience thereafter was appalling; the co director who happens to be the wife of the owner, clearly has no customer service training or understanding of what sample means insisting that we had received a bespoke ring. She questioned our integrity at every opportunity and told blatant lies to the third parties we had to get involved.

    It has taken 6 months of several e-mails, 2 letters from Trading standards, a letter from a Citizen's advice Solicitor and finally a Small Claims Court summons to get our deposit back. We made it explicitly clear of our intentions from the start consistently being told that Ali was prepared to testify in court about the advice and information she told us at the first meeting. It was only on receiving the summons from the court that the co director of the company agreed to repay our deposit and associated court fees.

    Our advice would be to stay clear of this company; go to the high street where the selection available, the quality and the customer service is far superior.


    Nik and Laura
    Nicolak76, Nov 2, 2016
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