Discussion in 'Venue, Ceremony and Reception' started by MrsBrown, May 10, 2010.

  1. MrsBrown


    May 4, 2010
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    We are having a civil ceremony. I know they can be quite short and the registrar suggested a reading to fill it out etc. I have searched on loads of sites trying to find something, trub is I cant find anything I like. Not even sure what I want aghhhhhh

    Is anyone else not bothering? or anyone got any ideas for something a bit different?


    MrsBrown, May 10, 2010
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  2. MrsBrown


    May 1, 2010
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    I am having a civil ceremony too and I had not thought about it but after reading too many magazines I now feel like I need to find something too.

    Where have you been looking so far?
    bridetobe200910, May 10, 2010
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  3. MrsBrown


    May 2, 2010
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    Neath, South Wales
    We're also having a civil ceremony. We wasn't going to have a reading but I feel a bit guilty not asking one of my friends to be bridesmaid so I've asked her to do a reading.

    I've found these 2 that I like so far

    He always leaves the seat up,
    And leaves wet towels upon the floor
    The toothpaste has no lid on,
    And she never locks the door!
    She’s not that clean and tidy,
    Though she may sometimes delude
    Leave things out at your peril,
    In a second they’ll have moved!
    He’s a very active person,
    And he always wants to win
    Where as she likes lazy days,
    he’ll try to drag her to the gym!
    She romances him and dines him,
    Home cooked dinners and the like
    She even knows his favourite food,
    And cooks for him every night!
    She’s thoughtful when she looks at him -
    A smile upon her face
    Will he look that good in 50 years,
    When his dentures aren’t in place?!
    He says he loves her figure,
    And her mental prowess too
    But when gravity takes her over,
    Will she charm him with her IQ?
    They’re both not wholly perfect,
    But who are we to judge
    He can be pig headed,
    And she won’t even budge!
    All that said and done,
    They really love each other
    And I hope as I’m sure you do,That their love will last forever.
    He’ll be more than just her husband,
    He’ll also be her friend
    And she’ll be more than just his wife,
    She’ll drive him round the bend.
    As we have all bared witness they took a solemn vow,
    This poem for XXXX and XXXX - A married couple now.

    'On Your Wedding Day'
    Today is a day you will always remember
    The greatest in anyone's life
    You'll start off the day just two people in love
    And end it as Husband and Wife
    It's a brand new beginning the start of a journey
    With moments to cherish and treasure
    And although there'll be times when you both disagree
    These will surely be outweighed by pleasure
    You'll have heard many words of advice in the past
    When the secrets of marriage were spoken
    But you know that the answers lie hidden inside
    Where the bond of true love lies unbroken
    So live happy forever as lovers and friends
    It's the dawn of a new life for you
    As you stand there together with love in your eyes
    From the moment you whisper 'I do'
    And with luck, all your hopes, and your dreams can be real
    May success find it's way to your hearts
    Tomorrow can bring you the greatest of joys
    But today is the day it all starts

    WelshBride, May 10, 2010
  4. MrsBrown


    May 4, 2010
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    Everywhere, I have even bought a book!! There are lots of nice ones, just not quite right! I guess I will know what is right when I see it! good luck finding yours.

    Thank you welsh bride, i have seen those two before, they were read at a friends wedding! Lots of our friends have got married and had readings, Im worried it will be like on 4 weddings last week when the same joke was at 2 of the weddings ha ha!! I wonder if I am thinking about it too much though....
    MrsBrown, May 10, 2010
  5. MrsBrown


    May 2, 2010
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    We are having a church service and are having two readings - one religious and one not. The non religious one is a Winnie the Pooh exract, as we are both massive Disney fans and also this is so lovely

    "Us Two" - Winnie the Pooh extract
    Perfect for a modern take on the traditional Wedding or Civil Union Reading, this excerpt from A.A. Milne's 'Now We Are Six' is all about sticking together what ever the weather.

    Now We Are Six
    by A.A. Milne (1882-1956)

    Wherever I am, there's always Pooh,
    There's always Pooh and Me.
    Whatever I do, he wants to do,
    "Where are you going today?" says Pooh...
    "Well, that's very odd 'cos I was too.
    "Let's go together," says Pooh, says he.
    "Let's go together," says Pooh.

    "What's twice eleven?" I said to Pooh,
    "Twice what?" said Pooh to Me.
    "I think it ought to be twenty two."
    "Just what I think myself," said Pooh.
    "It wasn't an easy sum to do,
    But that's what it is," said Pooh, said he.
    "That's what it is," said Pooh.

    "Let's look for dragons," I said to Pooh.
    "Yes, let's," said Pooh to Me.
    We crossed the river and found a few...
    "Yes, those are dragons all right," said Pooh.
    "As soon as I saw their beaks I knew.
    That's what they are," said Pooh, said he.
    "That's what they are," said Pooh.

    "Let's frighten the dragons," I said to Pooh.
    "That's right," said Pooh to Me.
    "I'm not afraid," I said to Pooh,
    And I held his paw and I shouted "Shoo!
    Silly old dragons!"... and off they flew.
    "I wasn't afraid," said Pooh, said he,
    "I'm never afraid with you."

    So wherever I am, there's always Pooh,
    There's always Pooh and Me. "What would I do?" I said to Pooh, "If it wasn't for you," and Pooh said... "True, It isn't much fun for One, but Two Can stick together," says Pooh, says he. "That's how it is," says Pooh.
    Or these were ones we also liked:

    How do I love thee? by Elizabeth Barrett Browning
    How do I love thee? Let me count the ways.
    I love thee to the depth and breadth and height
    My soul can reach, when feeling out of sight
    For the ends of Being an Ideal Grace.
    I love thee to the level of every day's
    Most quiet need, by sun and candle-light.
    I love thee freely, as men strive for Right;
    I love thee purely, as they turn from Praise.
    I love thee with the passion put to use
    In my old grief's, and with my childhood's faith.
    I love thee with a love I seemed to lose
    With my lost saints,--I love thee with the breath,
    Smiles, tears, of all my life!--and, if God choose,
    I shall but love thee better after death.

    Irish Blessing
    May the road rise to meet you,
    May the wind be always at your back.
    May the sun shine warm upon your face,
    The rains fall soft upon your fields.
    And until we meet again,
    May God hold you in the palm of his hand.

    May God be with you and bless you;
    May you see your children's children.
    May you be poor in misfortune,
    Rich in blessings,
    May you know nothing but happiness
    From this day forward.

    May the road rise to meet you
    May the wind be always at your back
    May the warm rays of sun fall upon your home
    And may the hand of a friend always be near.

    May green be the grass you walk on,
    May blue be the skies above you,
    May pure be the joys that surround you,
    May true be the hearts that love you.

    Oh the Places You'll Go - Dr Seuss (this is a shorter version of the full one...and our second choice!)

    Today is your day.

    You have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes.
    You can steer yourself any direction you choose.
    You're on your own. And you know what you know.
    And YOU are the couple who'll decide where to go.

    With your heads full of brains and your shoes full of feet,
    you're too smart to go down, any not-so-good street.

    And you may not find any you'll want to go down.
    In that case, of course, you'll head straight out of town.
    It's opener there in the wide open air,
    Out there things can happen and frequently do to people as brainy and footsy as you.

    And when things start to happen, don't worry. Don't stew.
    Just go right along. You'll start happening too.

    Wherever you fly you'll be best of the best.
    Wherever you go, you will top all the rest.
    Step with great care and great tact and remember that Life's a Great Balancing Act.
    Just never forget to be dexterous and deft.
    And never mix up your right foot with your left.
    Today is your day!
    Your mountain is waiting.
    So ... get on your way!

    We got the readings from here

    Hope that helps a bit!
    Flo xx
    flo2310, May 10, 2010
  6. MrsBrown


    May 2, 2010
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    Swansea South Wales
    I have not one single adult who want to do a reading for me and am toying with the idea of getting a child to memorise a short reading (this has been done for school plays) if this happens I want the story book "I love you as big as the world" its so lovely x
    MrsApplen2be, May 10, 2010
  7. MrsBrown


    Apr 27, 2010
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    Here's one of my faves:

    Yes, I'll Marry You - Pam Ayres
    Yes, I'll marry you, my dear,
    And here's the reason why;
    So I can push you out of bed
    When the baby starts to cry,
    And if we hear a knocking
    And it's creepy and it's late,
    I hand you the torch you see,
    And you investigate.
    Yes, I'll marry you, my dear,
    You may not apprehend it,
    But when the tumble-drier goes
    It's you that has to mend it,
    You have to face the neighbour
    Should our labrador attack him,
    And if a drunkard fondles me
    It's you that has to whack him.
    Yes, I'll marry you,
    You're virile and you're lean,
    My house is like a pigsty
    You can help to keep it clean.
    That sexy little dinner
    Which you served by candlelight,
    As I do chipolatas,
    You can cook it every night!
    It's you who has to work the drill
    and put up curtain track,
    And when I've got PMT it's you who gets the flak,
    I do see great advantages,
    But none of them for you,
    And so before you see the light,
    I do, I do, I do!
    Becky, May 10, 2010
  8. MrsBrown


    May 1, 2010
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    I looked at loads of readings to put in our choir's orders of service (need something to read during the sermon: it's a running joke... [​IMG] )

    anyway, here are are some I found:

    The Beauty of Love
    The question is asked: “Is there anything more beautiful in life than a young couple clasping hands and pure hearts in the path of marriage? Can there be anything more beautiful than young love?” And the answer is given: “Yes, there is a more beautiful thing.

    "It is the spectacle of an old man and an old woman finishing their journey together on that path. Their hands are gnarled but still clasped; their faces are seamed but still radiant; their hearts are physically bowed and tired but still strong with love and devotion. Yes, there is a more beautiful thing than young love. Old love.”

    The Promise.
    By Eileen Rafter

    The sun danced on the snow with a sparkling smile;
    As two lovers sat quietly, alone for a while.
    Then he turned and said, with a casual air
    (though he blushed from his chin to the tips of his hair),
    "I think I might like to get married to you."
    "Well then," she said, "there's a thought.
    But what if we can't promise to be all that we ought?
    Can you promise me, say, that you won't rage and shout,
    If I'm late yet again, when we plan to go out,
    For I know I can't promise I'll learn to ignore
    Dirty socks or damp towels strewn all over the floor.
    So if we can't vow to be all that we should
    I'm not sure what to do though the idea's quite good."
    But he gently smiled and tilted his head
    Till his lips met her ear and softly he said
    "I promise to weave my dreams into your own,
    that wherever you breathe will be my heart's home.
    I promise that, whether with rags or with gold I am blessed,
    Your smile is the jewel I will treasure the best.
    Do you think then, my love, we should marry - do you?"
    "Yes, she said smiling, "I do."

    I THINK......

    When I think of something nice
    I think of sharing it with you
    And I would like to think
    You'd want to share it with me too
    When I think of somewhere I want to go
    I want to take you with me
    Be it just around the corner
    Or all the way to Sydney
    I'm thinking of you constantly
    You help me to unwind
    Even though you must be tired
    From all that running through my mind
    I may be getting a beer belly
    And sometimes I'm over-zealous
    You've got more hair than I have
    But it doesn't make me jealous
    And if you catch me staring
    I'm just trying to guess your weight
    Because if I could only do that
    Then I'd win you at a fete
    When I wake up feeling happy
    It is all because of you
    You don't have to say anything
    It's just the little things you do
    And when I feel in love
    It's all because I have you
    And now that we are man and wife
    I can't help thinking what we'll do...?

    © Matthew George 2002

    -Pledge of Love

    I've made a vow, to no one but you
    I pledge my love to forever be true
    I'll take care of you and treat you right
    I'll lay beside you all through the night
    I'll feed you and clothe you and keep you warm
    I'll hug you and kiss you and give shelter in the storm
    I'll help you and guide you and clear a path
    I'll protect you and shield you from an angry man's wrath
    I'll listen to your problems help you solve them too
    I'll make you a rainbow and let the sun shine through
    I'll take your side even if you're wrong
    Just to prove our love is strong
    I'll plant you flowers and make them grow
    They'll be a symbol of love that only we'll know
    I'll whisper your name when no one is near
    So low that only you can hear
    You'll feel my love even if we're apart
    You'll know that we are one in heart

    - Vesta Sikora –

    Alfred, Lord Tennyson

    Marriage Morning

    Light, so low upon earth,
    You send a flash to the sun.
    Here is the golden close of love,
    All my wooing is done.
    Oh, the woods and the meadows,
    Woods where we hid from the wet,
    Stiles where we stay'd to be kind,
    Meadows in which we met!

    Light, so low in the vale
    You flash and lighten afar,
    For this is the golden morning of love,
    And you are his morning star.
    Flash, I am coming, I come,
    By meadow and stile and wood,
    Oh, lighten into my eyes and heart,
    Into my heart and my blood!

    Heart, are you great enough
    For a love that never tires?
    O' heart, are you great enough for love?
    I have heard of thorns and briers,
    Over the meadow and stiles,
    Over the world to the end of it
    Flash for a million miles.

    The Art of Marriage
    A good marriage must be created,
    In marriage, the little things are the big things.
    It is never being too old to hold hands.
    It is remembering to say “I love you” at least once a day.
    It is never going to sleep angry.
    It is having a mutual sense of values and common objectives.
    It is standing together and facing the world.
    It is forming a circle of love that gathers in the whole family.
    It is speaking words of appreciation and demonstrating gratitude in thoughtful ways.
    It is having the capacity to forgive and forget.
    It is giving each other an atmosphere in which each can grow.
    It is a common search for the good and the beautiful.
    It is not only marrying the right person –
    It is being the right partner.

    The Bargain
    My true love hath my heart, and I have his,
    By just exchange one for another given:
    I hold his dear and mine he cannot miss,
    There never was a better bargain driven:
    My true love hath my heart, and I have his.

    His heart in me keeps him and me in one,
    My heart in him his thoughts and senses guides:
    He loves my heart, for once it was his own.
    I cherish his because in me it bides:
    My true love hath my heart, and I have his
    Sir Philip Sidney

    vhc, May 11, 2010
  9. MrsBrown


    May 4, 2010
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    thank you to everyone for their ideas! its given me some new ideas.
    MrsBrown, May 11, 2010
  10. MrsBrown


    May 2, 2010
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    Swansea South Wales
    VHC I love the one u posted called the promise, never seen it before but if I can finf an adult who's willing to do it then i'll have that. Feel bad placing pressure an adult wont do on a child x
    MrsApplen2be, May 11, 2010
  11. MrsBrown


    May 1, 2010
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    i know what you mean, though: i hate reading out loud in front of people, I never do the readings at church, so I assume everyone feels the same way as I do and find it really hard to ask people to read for me.
    vhc, May 12, 2010
  12. MrsBrown


    May 2, 2010
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    Swansea South Wales
    One bridesmaid is dyslexic the other a pain lol so neitheir wanted to do it. Thought of asking my 6 year old cousin who has been known to memorise lines for a school play but am thinking pressure, pressure. Want a reading though to fill out my ceremony. Be doing it myself now x
    MrsApplen2be, May 12, 2010
  13. MrsBrown


    May 12, 2010
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    MrsBrown2b have you thought of writing something yourself, therefore it will be personal to yourself and h2b? I know it sounds a bit daunting and you'll want to be constantly tweaking it but it may be worth it. Perhaps yourself and h2b could create something together for another guest to read?
    I think my h2b and I are going to attempt it, we've been together 14 years on Christmas Eve and it seems a shame for us not to be able to use some of our past for a really personal reading. It will also be very original and you won't have to worry about the four weddings imitation from another wedding! Lol
    Good luck xxx
    juliak, May 14, 2010
  14. MrsBrown


    May 13, 2010
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    West Midlands
    Sorry, I can't help with the actual readings for civil ceremonies, but my h2b's brother got married in December and had two readings I think, or just the one, I can't remember, I seem to remember that both adult bridesmaids did or read something, but one reading was an extract from the bride's favourite book, which is a romantic story I think but I can't remember what it was. maybe that could be an idea?

    I did a reading at my Godparents' daughter's (who is going to be my Maid of Honour and who I class as my "Big Sis") wedding last August, but it was a church ceremony and it was the reading of Jesus being a guest at a wedding in Cana of Galilee (sorry, my spelling may be wrong) and turning the water into wine. That's a nice reading, but that might not help you with a civil ceremony.
    MrsGroves2B, May 14, 2010
  15. MrsBrown


    May 2, 2010
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    Swansea South Wales
    The reading I originally chose was from captain correllis mandolin but after having no adult to read for me I put that one to bed. Its lovely though x
    MrsApplen2be, May 14, 2010
  16. MrsBrown


    May 1, 2010
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    MrsApplen: is there any chance you could get the registrar to do the reading?
    I'm sure they wouldn't mind.
    vhc, May 15, 2010
  17. MrsBrown


    May 2, 2010
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    Swansea South Wales
    Didnt know you could ask them too......tempting make them earn their money lol x
    MrsApplen2be, May 15, 2010
  18. MrsBrown


    May 4, 2010
    Likes Received:

    Oh... I dont think either of has the skills! H2b is having nightmares about a speech!! I have treid to think about a friend writing it, but am worried if I dont like it they would then be offened! I think it might need t be a short service he he
    MrsBrown, May 16, 2010
  19. MrsBrown


    May 17, 2010
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    Lake District
    We are having my partners 2 children do a reading each, they are a bridesmaid and usher too (will be 12 1/2 and 11 by the time we get married) but we wanted to involve them a bit more and they are both really up for doing it, going to print them off and back them on card for them. So that should bulk our civil ceremony out a bit.

    We are having the Pam Aryes - He always leaves the seat up and need to find another one, it's hard finding ones we like that are suitable for the kids to read but we are getting there. I really liked the Winnie the Pooh on and the Dr.Suess but OH didn't so that ruled them out.
    iPrincess26, May 29, 2010
  20. MrsBrown


    May 4, 2010
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    I think I have found one :) Not too soppy!! its mainly about friendship and love growing from that, but we were friends for such a long time so its just right!! its not very long but I like it. Now I need to find someone who will read it for us!!

    (we also like the bit our foundations and motor as we have just spent the last 3 months terracing our garden!!)

    Here we go.....Friendship by Judy Bielicki

    It is often said that it is love that makes the world go round. However, without doubt, it is friendship which keeps our spinning existence on an even keel.

    True friendship provides so many of the essentials for a happy life-it is the foundation on which to build an enduring relationship, it is the mortar which bonds us together in harmony, and it is the calm, warm protection we sometimes need when the world outside seems cold and chaotic.

    True friendship holds a mirror to our foibles and failings, without destroying our sense of worthiness. True friendship nurtures our hopes, supports us in our disappointments, and encourages us to grow to our best potential.

    (Bride) and (Groom) came together as friends. Today, they pledge to each other not only their love, but also the strength, warmth and, most importantly, the fun of true friendship.
    MrsBrown, May 29, 2010
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