Italy Marriage Documents Nightmare help!!

Discussion in 'Weddings Abroad' started by Deborah368, Jun 9, 2021.

  1. Deborah368


    Jun 9, 2021
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    Hi everyone,

    My Fiance and I have been trying to get married in Italy sine March but because of covid we had to postpone and we managed to get our date set in Gargano on July. After having to do the paper work all over again (they expire after 6 months) I forgot one major detail which was sending to the Italian Consulate first to get legalised :(. Now I'm in a rush to get the papers back to the UK from the church. Has anyone had any experience with the Italian Consulate? How long would they take to legalise once they've received?

    Any insight would be extremely helpful.

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    Deborah368, Jun 9, 2021
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