In Need Of Motivation (Or A Kick Up The Back Side!)

Discussion in 'Weight loss and Fitness' started by MrsBrown, Jan 18, 2011.

  1. MrsBrown


    Jun 21, 2012
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    Have you thought of trying a personal trainer? I recently had one recommended to me in Brighton ( and I gave it a go to shake things up a bit for summer, and it was great! I am usually quite active and look after what I eat anyway, but sometimes I do need just a kick up the bum to keep me going and my personal trainer did that, plus there are group sessions too for peer motivation!

    Sometimes I think the problem with 'fat classes' are that everyone there is in the same boat and so there is not always an aspiration. With this personal trainer I was really inspired to get fit like her and work as hard as she would, plus if someone you don't really know is telling you what to do, you feel like you have to do it!

    Good luck whatever you go for!

    Nat xo
    martinnat9, Jul 9, 2014
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  2. MrsBrown


    Apr 25, 2017
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    The weight I have put on since going on the mini pill means that I now can't get into most of my clothes, and I can't seem to think about much else.
    I only need to lose maybe half a stone in order to feel comfortable, and my main vice is alcohol, so, no more drinking on weekdays for me. Ugh.
    jissyy, Apr 25, 2017
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