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  1. Becky


    Apr 27, 2010
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    It seems necessary to set some ground rules for professionals working in the wedding industry, regarding what behaviour will and will not be tolerated. This is a friendly spam-free forum and we would like to keep it as such :)

    In the future we may open an 'Ask the Experts' section where rules will be relaxed.

    Forum guidelines for wedding industry professionals:

    Please do not use this forum as free advertising space. Threads started by you with the sole aim of advertising your services will be removed.

    If someone asks for advice concerning a particular aspect of their wedding and you are able to help them, please feel free.

    However please do not use this as an opportunity to post. If you post does not contain any advice and is just an excuse to advertise, it will be removed.

    If you wish to have a signature, please restrict it to a small link to your site only (strictly no pictures and no large text).

    Professionals who post excessively so that the link in their signature is broadcast far and wide will be asked to stop. If you want to chat like other users in the forum please remove any link to your own site from your signature and forum profile.

    Finally please bear in mind that should your actions be considered inappropriate by other members in the forum, they will report your posts.

    Thank you.
    Becky, May 28, 2010
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