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    May 4, 2014
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    Hi everyone!

    I've got 35 children coming to my wedding (yes, you heard right - 35!!!!). I was really stuck with what I could have to keep them occupied throughout the day? Their age ranges from 12 months to 11 years! I liked the idea of activity packs and had a go at making them myself but it was a complete disaster!

    Anyway after searching the net, I bought mine from here (don't be put off by the name - lol!!)

    I bought the activity packs (which are age appropriate and different for boys and girls) with activity boxes and wooden toy favours. Oh, and I bought some wedding scroll favours too! The boxes and packs have got the childs name on which is fab! The lady was sooooo helpful, she was wonderful and that's why I highly recommend her! Nothing was too much trouble and she even put together additional items for the activity boxes for me such as bubbles, sweets and little handmade craft packs etc so I wouldn't have the hassle of finding things to fill up the boxes! All I have to do is put the goodies inside the boxes! One very happy less stressed bride to be!!!!!!

    Definitely have a look - if there is something you have in mind but can't see it, see if she can produce it for you as she can do that! I've attached some photos from her site to show you what I've bought! Highly highly recommended!! :)

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    happyjess, May 4, 2014
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